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About Us

ADAG International PLC (ADAG) was established by its current partners in 2005. It started with an investment capital of 10 million Birr, is now a large trading company whose annual sale accounts to 30 million Birr. With headquarter in its own building and a very large warehouse in Nazareth the largest commercial city in Ethiopia. The organization having taken into accounts the country’s potential resource in the goods and service sector; it is engaging in enormous business activities.


ADAG has its name nationwide as a prominent business firm to render goods and services in the import, in the export of agricultural products such as pulses, sesame, black cumin, live animals, etc. Manufacturer / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers Of Niger Seed, Oil Seeds, Pulses, red pea beans, Sesame Seed, White Pea Beans, Niger Seeds, Spices, Niger Seed etc., mechanized farming, transport ,manufacturing ,Real Estate and Hotel in the multi-disciplinary management style ,under one banner.


ADAG has continued to strive towards becoming a complete multi-disciplinary business offering our Clients the specialist individual attention and satisfaction required by an ever-changing management style. ADAG sees teamwork on every business sector as the key success element and is responsible for creating conducive environment. The over-all manager is duty-bound in ensuring efficient and regular communication to all stakeholders and at all levels.


































Our Businesses


ADAG produces and exports quality agricultural products like Chick Peas, Kabuli Chick Peas, Sesame, Corinader, Broad Beans, White Beans, Red-kidney Beans, Horse Beans, Mung Beans, Pinto, Black Cumin, Mustard, Niger Seeds, Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic and others.


ADAG Farms located at Nazareth occupying hectares of land. The land, flat and mainly undulated makes the Farms suitable for mechanization which is ready to in place. In addition, the soil is fertile while the climate is ideal for the cultivation of a number of crops. It has already started sesame processing plant in its own large warehouse for storage to export value-added sesame product in Nazareth one of the centers for sesame processing city.


ADAG  will plan to possess the complete chain of livestock facilities from purchasing of the animals through holding, ranching, and quarantine, in which the necessary animal health care is provided. The Poultry-Operation located at Nazareth and produces poultry products like table eggs, day old chicks, pullets and broiler meat mainly for local and in the near future for export markets. The Operation has the capacity of producing 200,000 kgs of Broilers and 300,000 pcs of Table Eggs per year

Fuel Station

ADAG established a fuel station at Welenchiti which is 117 km far from the Capital City. Welenchiti (also transliterated Wolenchite and Aualancheti) is a town in east-central Ethiopia. Located in the East Shewa Zone of the Oromia Region, this town has a longitude and latitude of 8°40 N 39°26 E and an elevation of 1436 meters above sea level. It is the administrative center of Bosetworeda. Welenchiti is served by a railway station on the Addis Ababa – Djibouti Railway. The town also holds a Saturday livestock market. The fuel station is located on the highway to route to the main Commercial cities of Southern part of the country. This makes the business unique and well organized to deliver fuel and oil products in the most cost effective and efficient manner. On the highway, we deliver fuel and oil to keep our customers going to the Djibouti port corridor. Our products to achieve market Leadership and effective customer service delivery in oil and gas sector of in the surrounding areas. Our station is open 7 days a week and provides quality fuels and good services.


ADAG  Motel, arguably the most well located and placed in the Ethiopian hotel sector, has been, for years, the landmark of highway to business and tourist areas of the Country. ADAG Motel is, in its own right a destination, as well as a guest friendly Motel to stay in. The Motel has single beds, double beds and suits; restaurants with a choice of Ethiopian and International cuisines; a free Wi-Fi and wired broadband internet; meeting rooms and halls, bar/bistro with suitable seats, and well-equipped laundry and a stand-by generator. The Motel’s staff will be able to book tours and sightseeing activities in Ethiopia, as well as provide dining suggestions.
The Motel provides delicious national and international dishes and drinks at affordable prices for all classes of the society. Menus are edited and regulated frequently and are put .The Motel has multipurpose hall and medium to small size meeting rooms. Be it a meeting, memorable wedding ceremony, or a workshop, a training… we provide the best affordable rates in town. Our customers deserve lots of free services. During your stay at Our Motel, long or short term, we offer you several free services: High Speed Wifi Parking Breakfast Wake-up call 24-hrs front desk support, and many more. The Motel provides delicious national and international dishes and drinks at affordable prices for all classes of the society. Menus are edited and regulated frequently and are put.

 Attractions close to Southern Ethiopia lacks for any clearly defined tourist circuit, and it would be limiting rather than helpful to attempt to describe it in terms of a prescribed loop. The main regional transport hub is Shashemene, which lies at the junction of the roads north to Addis Ababa, west to Arba Minch and South Omo, south to Hawassa (Awassa), Dilla and Moyale, and east to Dodola and Bale. Passing  through Shashemene.

There is an obscure but rewarding route running south from Addis Ababa to Butajira and Hosaina via Melka Kunture Prehistoric Site, the rock-hewnChurch of Adadi Maryam, and theTiya stelae field. Another follows the Rift Valley and its lakes from Addis Ababa south to the junction town ofShashemeneand city ofHawassa(Awassa). A third covers the wonderful trekking country and wildlife ofBale Mountains National Parkand environs. A fourth covers the road from Hawassa south toMoyaleon the Kenyan border. There’s also the option to concentrate onArba MinchandNechisar National Park, or on the cultural wonders ofKonsoandSouth Omo.


ADAG Transport delivers leading-edge transportation service to and from port, anywhere within the Ethiopian border.  Our skilled people, proven processes, and advanced technology help you: Maintain tight delivery schedules, Minimize fleet downtime, maintain a consistent level of quality fleet maintenance, Minimize fleet-related risks and Mitigate risk of business interruption. Thousands of customers do not make mistakes in their choice; at least they won’t make mistakes again and again and again. We have several thousands of customers coming back and working with us every year. It is because we have a proven track record of efficient and reliable fleet of trucks and an effective management system. Whether you need a single truck or a fleet of commercial trucks, we’re here to help.

Real Estate

ADAG is actively to engage in building luxury homes and apartment, with peculiar designs with other business units, it will have a plan to build and deliver high quality and luxurious homes with full compound facilities. The mission of ADAG is to become the leading Real Estate developer by providing quality housing and creating safe, favorable and attractive environment. As an active and successful Real Estate developer, the company will operate with the vision of satisfying the pressing demands for high quality residential buildings on timely basis.

Our primary interest is to have every customer recommend us to their closest friend and in fact word of mouth is the way that most new customers hear about us. It’s something we are very proud of that more customers trust us to build their home than any other builder. We establish a relationship of trust with our clients. We deliver quality on our commitments, our projects, and our services. We should never compromise quality in our efforts to move fast. We are committed to Ethiopian laws and regulations in connection with lease and property taxation. We will develop for each homeowner who abides by a set of compound regulations, standards and guidelines before they can buy one of our homes. These guidelines are intended to preserve the beauty and value of each home within the community.


ADAG  has also a plan to build Edible Oil factory that enables to manufacture and market refined edible oil products from oilseeds including groundnut, rapeseed, sesame seed, and cotton seed. The factory will come into existence its building construction in the coming years and is based in Nazareth, Ethiopia. Ethiopia has a considerable potential for oilseeds production resulting from its diverse and favorable climate conditions as well as the existing large size of uncultivated land. Common and specialty Ethiopian oilseeds (safflower, castor beans and rapeseeds) are under high international demand due to their organic nature. Despite its potential and high international demands, the oilseeds sector in Ethiopia is constrained by several factors that can be grouped into production, processing and marketing problems. The ADAG Edible Oil Factory will establish to address these major problems. The dominant impression is that ADAG will play a key role in bringing stakeholders from the three societal sectors (public, private and civil society) together to participate in a new, loose governance structure that reasonably meets the majority of collaboration requirements. Assessments of the success factors in collaboration Demonstrate mixed results that range from low-high. Generally, the ADAG will perform better in the areas of its internal dynamics than in its external dynamics.


ADAG  Poultry-Operation is located at Nazareth and produces poultry products like table eggs, day old chicks, pullets and broiler meat mainly for local and in the near future for export markets. The Operation has the capacity of producing 200,000 kgs of Broilers and 300,000 pcs of Table Eggs per year.

Honilac Infant Formula Milk

ADAG  is a sole distributor of Honilac Infant Formula  products in Ethiopia. 


We know that the best natural nourishment for a newly born baby is the mother’s milk.  But breastfeeding may not always be possible.  This may be due to mother’s own health issues.  Or it may be simply due to additional needs of the baby. This is where Honilac infant formula comes to help.  It is bottle-fed after mixing with warm water and it is full of all types of nutrients and vitamins a growing baby will need during the most important phase of his or her growth. Honilac infant formula has been developed in three stages. This to target more specifically the needs of the child at the specific time during growth. Newborns from day zero to six months will be fed the stage one formula.  At the later stage between six months to one year, stage two intends to help more rapid development.  And finally between the ages of one to three our Honilac infant formula stage three will come to aid.

Addis Ayele

Addis Ayele, CEO
Adag International PLC


ADAG was born in the mind and heart of the founder and owner of Addis Ayele and his spouse Hiwot Asnake. The starting point was the so-called Simple Business Ideas in the Mind, a historical initial stage for implementing potential project ideas with the aim of creating the business opportunity in Nazareth and the nearby society as a whole.

Businessman Addis Ayele was awarded the opportunity from his living God to commence small business activities with the support of immediate family in cooperation with the local Government. So, he acquired or started up enormous business activities in order to carry out both in and outside of Nazareth.

To create a suitable structure to bring together all these different operations, Addis Ayele formed the ADAG International PLC in 2005 with the help of his life partner and major shareholder of Hiwot Asnake. The strategy was to let each business unit develop according to its own potential, but also to work with each other as much as possible to create synergy effects. Each business unit has the goal to become best in their own industry while at the same time being a natural part of the ADAG Business Group in the coming years.

The strategy has been a success because today ADAG is a leading player with operations in various cities of the country and earns an annual turnover of over 200 million Ethiopian Birr. All these well-established and highly organized business units were brought together in an integral and mutually constructive alliance.


ADAG is headed by a dynamic, motivated and efficient team currently led by the Manager, Mr Addis Ayele. He is assisted by Mr. Moti Irana (Assistant Operational Manager) and Mrs Meron (Marketing Manager) and the permanent staff 50 and Temporary staff 100.  ADAG believes in a hands-on approach on all trading, manufacturing and others business activities. That is why a Manager of the firm will always be in control of the key functions on all activities. ADAG is equipped with the latest technology and has the necessary staff and resources to ensure the best professional service to provide at all times. The firm is backed up by up-to-date Insurance, which can be extended to cover risk on any size business activities the firm undertakes both locally and abroad.